Snorkeling at Mnemba –  Full day Excursion

For those who don’t dive there is a wealth of snorkelling opportunities around Zanzibar. Many of the sites have reefs almost reach the surface and the fish are used to divers and cluster round you. All of our snorkelling trips are accompanied by an experienced guide who will help you find the fish, answer any questions you have about them and ensure you are safe and comfortable. All equipment is provided and is of a high standard and for those who are less comfortable in the water we have buoyancy aids available at no extra charge and the guide always takes a life ring. The most famous place for snorkelling in Zanzibar is the beautiful Mnemba Atoll Marine Reserve. The area is well known for its fish life and you can expect to see lion fish, moray eels, stingrays and turtles swimming around in the shallows. If you venture further out the reef drops away into a big wall where you will see schools of giant trevally and emperor fish hunting, yellow snappers, barracuda and if you are lucky napoleon fish and turtles. We stay out for about six hours so there is plenty of time for working on your tan too! Mnemba Atoll is a popular scuba diving site, with a wide variety of corals and associated species, as well as good sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins.

Calm conditions are most frequent in September and October, though visibility is at its optimum in January. It is a 60 minute drive from Stone Town across the main Zanzibar Island,the Island can be easily reached if you will be staying at the nearest hotel, the Matemwe Beach Village, it is twenty minute boat crossing from this hotel. Mnemba is famous for encounters with Green Turtles and Common Dolphins. For some reason Mnemba Dolphins really like our dive boat, the Explorer. They often tend to swim right next to it, allowing us to jump in the water and snorkel with them. On our way back, we slow down to pass close to the beautiful Mnemba Island, so you can take some great photos. If you made a choice to dive on Zanzibar, Mnemba Atoll is a must!!!


Protecting Our Marine Park

Help us keep our Marine Park alive!!! Please avoid all physical contact with corals and marine life. The slightest touch can crumble sponges or remove the surface of corals. This is an unforgivable intrusion into the underwater world. Don’t litter the ocean. Even biodegradable items, such as banana skins and orange peel. They can be mistaken by fish and marine mammals and shouldn’t be thrown overboard. Worse still are plastic water bottles, snack wrappers, cigarette butts and waste food. Take nothing out of the sea, except memories. Practice good buoyancy control, that is the key to enjoying a relaxed underwater encounter, while minimizing the risk of contact with corals or rock formations.




TINERARY BASICS: Snorkeling Tour At Mnemba
Pick up: 08:00am – Duration: Full day excursion
Begins: Nungwi Beach
Ends: Nungwi Beach
Popular for: Diving, Snorkeling

* If you are not staying at Nungwi Beach, you will need round-trip hotel transfer

Cost Inclusions

  • Menai Bay Conservation fee
  • Snorkeling gear (mask & flippers)
  • Boat rides
  • Transport waiting charge
  • 1L bottle of mineral water
  • Soft drink
  • Lunch
  • Tour guide
  • All taxes

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