Walking & Cultural Tourism Packages

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Tanzania Walking and Cultural Tourism (cultural tourism packages) will take you to experience one of Africa’s most fascinating cultures, There are several cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the country with one of the 120 distinct ethnic groups making up the population. At the sites, you will encounter natural beauty, including rain forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, lots of wildlife, and, of course, the charming Tanzanians themselves!
 will also give you the best chance and wonderful moment to Visit Lake Eyasi, home to the Hadzabe people, a reclusive tribe of bushmen who live as they did 10 000 years ago. The Hadzabe are among the last hunter-gatherers of Africa. You will be fascinated by their clicking language and hunting techniques. You will also visit the Maasai people, authentic Maasai traditional homes (Maasai Boma), where you will visit with a Maasai family whose traceable lineage spans over 2000 years, we also have the chance to visit the Chagga people around Marangu and Materuni villages.
Zanzibar – Stone town city is well known for its Swahili & Islamic culture.